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5 Reasons to Choose A Destination Venue for Your Wedding

Wedding Celebrations are fundamentally about the people; you know... your best friends and family all together in one place.  Increasingly, brides and grooms are choosing a destination, a specific place, where everyone can gather together and enjoy the venues and accommodations in a single location.  Why choose this option?   

PC: Kathryn McCrary

PC: Kathryn McCrary

1.       REDUCE THE ANXIETY.  Wedding weekends can be stressful and driving from venue to hotel then to another venue to hotel only adds to the tension and anxiety of a busy weekend. 

2.       TAKE YOUR TIME TO MAKE IT PERFECT. Many venues restrict the amount of time you have access for decorating, setting-up etc. But if you “own the entire place” for a few days, you can take your time and thoughtfully create “the look”,  exactly what you and your designers desire and not rushed to hurry-up so the next wedding party can have access. 

3.       MAXIMIZE TIME WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY.  It’s difficult to see the people you really want to spend time with during your wedding---and driving in multiple cars, to multiple places makes it even more challenging to spend time with people and not in traffic.

4.       MAKE PLANNING EASIER.  With multiple venues and hotels, the entire wedding party and all of your vendors must coordinate ‘what goes where, when’ flawlessly.  A destination wedding focuses everyone’s attention at one location and makes planning, coordination and deliveries run smoother---which makes everyone happy!

5.       SAVE THE MONEY FOR YOUR HONEYMOON.  Typically, a destination wedding weekend is less expensive than renting multiple venues for bride’s luncheons, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and accommodations.  If you can save $1000 by renting a single location---maybe you can spend that on your honeymoon!  

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